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Starting today, you can have full lifetime access to the Real Food Con
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From: Sean Croxton
Real Food Con Host
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss

Certain vested interests will do ANYTHING to prevent this information from reaching YOU through mainstream channels...

They don't want you to know that your ancestors ate tons of saturated fat, and yet never suffered heart disease... or that they never needed drugs to fight colds or bigger problems...

These "powers" that be WANT you to shop in the middle of the grocery store -- where all the processed foods and additives create addictions, malnutrition, obesity and disease...

But I Say, "ENOUGH!"
And I Got 29 of the World's
Top Health Experts to Join Me

The best-selling authors, doctors, researchers and online health gurus who participated in our Real Food Con event have no ties to the medical establishment or FDA or anyone else with an agenda.

And that means, they consistently gets the scoop about how REAL FOODS and simple remedies are all you'll ever need to experience the best health of your life -- starting today.

In fact, they PROVE IT -- with 29 full-length multi-media presentations filled with hundreds of real food health secrets I guarantee you've never heard before.

You could get a full university degree in nutrition (I did!) and still not learn as much.

Learn what others can't tell you!

Mainstream doctors are highly restricted in what they can say about the power of real food to transform your health and heal your body.

But the experts presenting at Real Food Con simply offer up the latest research and information, exercising their freedom of speech. Thus, we are NOT limited and are able to reveal everything that truly works.

Doctors are highly restricted in what they can say about the power of real food to transform your health and heal your body. But here sells no medicines, so we have freedom of speech--and we use it.

What No Mainstream Doctor or
Health Author Will Ever Tell You

Big Pharma, the FDA, the corporate medical system... These mega-powers have NO INFLUENCE over us. One more reason why all these incredible experts have come together via the Real Food Con, to share their newest discoveries.

Think the First Amendment protects free speech? Still, they don't exactly like anyone telling you that all really need is real food and the right information to be healthy and disease-free for life... so they oppose it. Fight it. Work their best to censor information like this.

BUT WE WON'T LET THEM. Their message is clear—if a natural food or herbal cure works better than drugs, you'd better not say what it does.

These attacks have sent a chill throughout the alternative health community.

Because we aren't part of
Big Pharma's profit machine,

This also means we're independent and trusted throughout the natural healing community... So today's most gifted researchers are constantly willing and eager to share their wisdom with you.

WANT PROOF? Just keep reading. You're going to see what's really new and exciting, and could heal your loved ones' worst health nightmares right now.

You haven't seen these stunningly simple, lifesaving "underground cures" and real food solutions mentioned anywhere else...

But you will see them hailed years from now, as blogs, websites and health magazines gradually pick up on them.

As a friend of the Real Food Con health network, you're getting a very special offer -- so that you and your loved ones can start sharing in these miracles right now.

The threat to free speech and innovation in natural healing is at our doorsteps now. Yet you are holding the answer. Just review any of their presentations and you'll see why this information is both powerful and controversial.

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Special Real Food Cookbook Gift
Special Real Food Cookbook Gift

The Real Food Con Cookbook

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This incredible cookbook is filled with real food, paleo-friendly recipes designed to speed your healing, fat loss, and overall health transformation. You'll discover how to make sumptuous deserts, snacks and entrees -- even if you've done little or no cooking before!

Imagine preparing:

  • Apple Pie Caveman Bars -- free of sugar, gluten or other fattening ingredients...
  • Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Rosemary Chicken...
  • Or Garlic Braised Lamb with Roasted Squash and Quick Sauteed Kale

You'll get step-by-step instructions for dozens of these experts latest and most amazing-tasting recipes. Considering the knowledge and expertise behind this collection, it's at least a $47 value -- yet you get it instantly and FREE when you purchase access to the Real Food Con package today.

And Check Out These Other Free Goodies We Have For You!

Bonus Gift #2

Detailed Home Kitchen Video Guides from Four of the
Most Sought-After Real Food Experts in the World!
($47 VALUE)

You'll discover:

5 Ways to Save Time and
Have Fun in the Kitchen

George Bryant of Caveman Cooking Creations

How to Layer Flavors
Like a 5-Star Chef

Camille Macres of Recipe Rx

5 Things Every Foodie
MUST Have in the Cupboard

Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard

Fight Disease and Boost Your
Brain Health...with Lemonade

Christa Orecchio of The Whole Journey

Again, we could easily charge $47 for this --
but it’s yours 100% FREE as part of your
Real Food Con All Access Package
with its revolutionary, uncensored, 29-volume library of TODAY’S GREATEST REAL FOOD REMEDIES, RECIPES AND BREAKTHROUGHS...

Simply click on the button below, follow the steps, and you'll get full lifetime access to...

Time and time again, you'll learn about foods that speed your healing in truly incredible ways, plus which foods to avoid. You'll learn how they work. Recommended amounts. Even how to set up your kitchen to ensure success for everyone in the family!

In fact, that's your next FREE GIFT...


The Paleo QuickStart Guide
from Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard

($27 Value)

In this detailed report, Amy gives you the simple steps she used to start eating Paleo, and transform her entire family's health. (Both her and her husband lost 10 lbs each in the first month following some of the tips she gives you.)

You'll discover:

  • The 5 most important foods to avoid when starting a Paleo diet...
  • 10 foods that make the transition both delicious and easy...
  • PLUS, the exact meal planner and shopping guide Amy has used and successfully shared with her most trusted friends and colleagues...

This report could be sold for $27 or more -- but you can't buy it. Yet, you'll get it at absolutely no cost today...


Get A Tighter Tummy, Thinner Thighs, and More Confidence
FREE With Cynthia Pasquella’s Hungry Hottie Weight Loss Jumpstart Kit!
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This is one of Cynthia’s hottest and most transformative most programs. And in it, you’ll discover:

  • Why one seemingly innocent “natural food” causes digestive issues 99% of the time you eat it (it’s in almost every cupboard!)
  • How to speed your detox and weight loss each day, in just 2 minutes, for just pennies per day!
  • The secret to indulging every single day, NEVER feeling deprived, and slimming down much faster because of it!

This Hungry Hottie Jumpstart Kit focuses on 8 SIMPLE SECRETS that can have you dropping pounds and dropping jaws -- in just one week.

It's a $37 value, but yours absolutely free when you order Real Food Con All Access today!


Get $50 Off* a Consultation With Two of the
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For the last 6 years, Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright have not only fixed and perfected their own health--they've helped thousands of others recover theirs. It's their lifelong mission.

Over those 6 years, they've seen what works and doesn't work... and exactly what holds most people back.

Now, you can use this coupon to get a discount on their powerful process -- so that you understand what's ailing you, and move toward a solution.

It doesn't matter whether your goal is to shed weight, multiply your energy, reduce pain, improve your mental performance or anything else. If you're challenged by it, chances are Jordan and Steve have already helped someone heal from it!

*Only valid for new clients

Get This Discount Coupon -- $50 Value -- Exclusively as a Lifetime Owner of the Real Food Con All Access Package Today!


50% Off the Best-Selling Program Paleo Cooking At Home: FAST, Cheap & Easy!

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On top of everything else, you'll also get 50% off a program that's changed many lives all around the world, Camille Macre's Paleo Cooking at Home -- THE first all-in-one at-home paleo (gluten-free, whole foods) cooking system.

This simple money-saving video coaching program gives you EVERYTHING you will ever need to empower you to eat FASTER, CHEAPER & EASIER at home than eating out.

You will cut your grocery bill and time in the kitchen by between 25-50%, with no gimmicks or weird gadgets, just amazingly delicious recipes, cooking tutorials, resources, and ongoing support from a girl who's crazy passionate about helping you eat and live to your fullest health potential!

That's $305 in Bonus Gifts -- And We Haven't Even Started Talking
About Everything You'll Discover in the Real Food Con Presentations!

Whether you're worried about your heart or any other chronic disease...

Or you're looking to shed more fat and lean up...

Or you're looking to turn back the clock and look/feel younger...

Or perhaps you just want to know what to feed your family so that they don't fall victim to the obesity and disease epidemics raging across the US right now...

We got these renowned experts to cover a wide variety of pressing health issues and challenges -- leaving no stone unturned.

Over the course of their exciting presentations, you'll literally learn everything you need to use real food for lifelong health and wellness.

Real Food Con All Access Package

ONLY $49!

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NOTE: This is a DIGITAL product. Transcripts are in pdf
format. Audio recordings are in mp3 format, and the
Videos are in m4v format.

Just Have a Look at Our Incredible Faculty and a Tiny Fraction of What They Shared!

Abel James •

Why Your Grandma Ate Tons of Fat (and Why You Should, Too)
  • The secret connection between fats and your emotions...
  • The most dangerous, most toxic vegetable oil—in almost every store-bought food—that literally attacks the cells of your brain (it's especially damaging to children, and yet children are most likely to be consuming it each day!)
  • 5 sneaky fat myths perpetuated by "fat haters" could be making you fat—and how to confidently choose the right fats for your body and lifestyle...

Ameer Rosic, H.N., F.M. •

Secrets for Living to 100: The Best Super Foods for Anti-Aging, Energy and Vitality!
  • The shocking science behind accelerated aging...
  • This common "mutated" supermarket food speeds up aging more than anything food substance (often it's even GMO, yet they sneak it into tons of "healthy" foods!)
  • A strange-but-delicious "shake recipe" that feeds your mitochondria and energy on a cellular level, helping reduce fatigue and ignite new levels of energy you can use to better enjoy life...

Ben Greenfield •

The Real Truth About Workout Fuel - How To Say Goodbye to Engineered Frankenfoods and Eat For Exercise With Real Nutrition
  • Why "Frankenfuels" actually massively sap your energy...
  • 3 dangerous additives that make your protein powder toxic, and give you horrible brain fog during your workouts...
  • The great electrolyte myth—why lots of false marketing hype has distorted the truth about what your body needs during and post exercise!
  • Exactly when and what to eat post workouts to maximize recovery, muscle gain and fat burning...

Christa Orecchio •

Using Real Food to Heal the Thyroid
  • Thyroid 101: How your thyroid works, and why focusing on healing it can make huge changes in many areas of your health...
  • How symptoms of depression, exhaustion, puffy eyes and even memory loss — can all be connected to underactive thyroid...
  • Why thyroid affects your digestion, and why digestion is everything...

Cynthia Pasquella •

Real Food for a Real You
  • 3 common excuses that derail you — and how to avoid them for life...
  • 6 steps that form the "Hungry Hottie Method" — and why it's helped thousands of people transform their health and wellness...
  • The "v-word" and special form of thinking that helped a test group lose 8 pounds with no other changes to their diet!

Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC •

Who Needs Low-Carb Paleo...and Who Doesn’t?
  • Good carbs and bad carbs, and why many experts don't know the difference...
  • Why low-carb is NOT always the answer or cure all — and how to modulate your carbs in a way that works for your body and lifestyle, NOT someone else's...
  • A simple formula anyone can use to know how much (and which types!) of carbs to eat...
  • 8 types of people who need to be extra careful when trying anything remotely low-carb...

Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D. •

How to Stop Inflammation Once and for All
  • The dangerous relationship between excess acid (triggered by many foods and environmental factors) and inflammation; why this plays a huge role in your ultimate health...
  • The #1 cause of excess acid in your body now...
  • PLUS, 7 proven ways to treat, reduce and even completely reverse your "acid burden" — and transform nearly every part of your health in the process...

Dr. Cate Shanahan •

Know Your Supplements: Exposing Popular Health Products and the Tricks that Get You to Buy Them
  • Why many popular supplements actually do the OPPOSITE of what they promise (it lies in how they "hide" the quality of the raw materials they use)...
  • The scary ways that "fat burning" supplements work (some impair your digestion, making you less hungry — but also less healthy!)
  • 5 much better nutritional alternatives to protein powders (and cheaper too!)

Dr. Josh Axe •

Real Food for Rapid Fat Loss
  • Real food eating secrets of Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps...
  • 7 common "fake foods" (many of which are marketed as healthy!) which all but guarantee you won't lose weight...
  • The 6 most powerful types of real foods for shaping and toning your body (including 5 mouth-watering recipes that integrate many of them!)

Dr. Tom O'Bryan •

Dietary Influences on the Development of Autoimmune Conditions - Why Good Foods Can Make You Sick
  • Why the #3 cause of death could actually be the #1 cause of death — and how we're all at risk without knowing it...
  • The secret lives of "sleeper antibodies" and how they can elevate to disastrous levels before we experience ANY symptoms...
  • Why "gut permeability" can make or break not only your health but how you FEEL each day — and the #1 food to avoid to prevent it from raging within you...

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS •

The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods. Lose 7 Pounds. Just 7 Days.
  • The underlying "sensitive" reason why THESE 7 FOODS are so damaging...
  • 4 "simple swaps" that help you substitute unhealthy foods for items that are actually much more delicious...
  • One simple (and FREE) secret that guarantees you'll lose twice the weight as normal...

Jimmy Moore •

What You Need to Know About Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Vegetable Oils
  • Everything a doctor will NEVER tell you about cholesterol (including how to put an end to the high/low cholesterol farce forever!)
  • Why THIS little-known measurement, NOT cholesterol, is a much better marker of health...
  • The 4 best oils to eat once you discover that "cholesterol is your friend"...

Jonathan Bailor •

The Calorie Myth: The New Science of Eating More and Exercising Less to Burn Fat and Boost Health
  • Why almost all standard fat loss advice comes from the 50's, is outdated and often downright dangerous...
  • The hidden "flaw" in the calorie theory of nutrition — which helps explain why, "eating less and exercising more" fails 94.5% of the time...
  • The revolutionary S-A-N-E approach that empowers you to forget calorie counting forever!

Jordan Reasoner •

The $12 Billion Gluten Free Fad - Why It Could Be Making You Sicker
  • How to spot unhealthy "gluten free foods" a mile away...
  • 4 damaging ingredients that dominate most foods that are labeled "gluten free"...
  • Fighting the "3-headed monster" that makes gluten such a problem...

Katie the wellness mama •

Real Food With A Family: Customizing a Real Food Lifestyle for Pregnancy, Children and Families without Breaking the Budget
  • How to prepare delicious, amazingly healthy real food meals for the entire family — on any budget...
  • 5 foods essential to avoid during pregnancy...
  • The best things to feed your baby — and children — so they grow up with amazing brain development, bone structure and overall health...

Leanne Ely •

How to Take Back Your Dinner Table!
  • The 5 simple criteria you can use to judge whether something is TRULY a real food, and therefore whether it's healthy...
  • 4 ways to make cooking fun, easy and amazingly rewarding for the entire family...
  • Secrets for using a "slow cooker" to make a variety of health-enhancing meals where you "just plug it in" and let the cooker do the rest...

Paul Chek •

Your ECHO Pattern: How Man and Nature Influence Each Other
  • The "primal pattern" system for body movement, how it saved our ancestors lives thousands of years ago — and how it can save your life today!
  • Three critical hormones to watch — and why imbalances in any one of them are a threat to your survival...
  • Why most water is "DEAD"; and how to use "living water" to better hydrate and charge up your entire body...

Pete Servold •

Real Food: Why Quality and Sourcing Makes the Difference
  • Why "cage free" chicken means little, and what to look for instead!
  • Beyond organic: how to find foods that have much more nutrition and purity than those with the organic food stamp on them...
  • 6 simple cooking techniques anyone can use to make pro-level dishes — even if you have little cooking experience...

Sarah Pope •

Eat Your Organ Meats: You Can’t Be Healthy Without Them
  • How to eat like a lion (beginning with the part of the kill the lions go for first)...
  • The #1 organ meat — filled with nutrients and renowned in almost every ancient culture...
  • How organ meats can help provide up to 8 times more endurance through the "anti-fatigue factor" nutrients...

Steven Wright •

Clearing Up Constipation with Real Food
  • 4 simple questions to ask about whether you're having the "ideal poop"?
  • Why a fiber supplement is NOT a long-term solution...
  • The one "fatty" plant food — along with this mineral -- to make sure you eat every day for constipation relief...

Terry Shanahan, FNC •

Transitioning to Real Food Three Days at a Time
  • How Terry used real food to heal himself from respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, hives and skin irritation, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid issues, and pneumonia...
  • The #1 common trait of people who succeed at transforming their health (hint: it starts with "W" and you need a big one!)
  • The 3 biggest barriers to thriving on a real food diet, and how to overcome each one with the right plan of action...

Nora Gedgaudas •

Food for Thought: Eating for Better Brain Function
  • The 4 "brain factors" you MUST know about to truly improve your brain health and mental performance...
  • The ONE NUTRIENT that — when missing — is most likely to result in brain shrinkage...
  • The three simplest ways to keep your blood sugar stable, so you never crash after meals or in the afternoon...
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ONLY $49!

NOTE: This is a DIGITAL product. Transcripts are in pdf
format. Audio recordings are in mp3 format, and the
Videos are in m4v format.

PLUS, You'll Also Get HD Cooking Classes Taught by
Some of the Best Real Food Chefs on Earth!

If you've ever struggled with what to cook each day, or how to prepare the foods that taste good enough for the entire family... you're in luck!

Because we gathered renowned chefs to showcase some of their most beloved recipes for YOU -- on video -- which you can play anytime you want to make something amazing for yourself or loved ones.

Check this out:

Amy Densmore •

- Paleo/Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins -
- Paleo Mongolian Beef -

Chef Lance Roll •

- Country Style Chicken Liver Pate -
- Wilted Greens -
- Roast Duck -

george byrant •

- Pan Seared Rosemary Sage Pork Chops with Apples and Pears -
- Sweet Potato Bacon Hash with apples and pumpkin -
- Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan Macaroons -

Camille Macres •

- Sweet Potato & Bacon Latkes with Honey Mustard Sauce
- Veggie Crackers
- Kombucha + Cocktails

Evelyne lambrecht •

- Avocado Smoothie -
- Wild Salmon with Caramelized Carrots -
- Purple Power Salad -

Mary Shenouda •

- Roasted Red Pepper & Butternut Squash Soup -
- Butternut Squash Pasta with Browned Ghee -
- Sage Carpe Diem Morning Maca Sausage Mufffins -

bob & june •

- Eggplant Goat Cheese Caprese -
- Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Meatballs -
PLUS, Our Exclusive 48-Page Cooking Class Recipe Guide
Will Walk You Through ALL of These Amazing Meals!

This is another gift that you'll be sure to use. Imagine having your laptop or tablet on the counter of your kitchen, and being able to walk through each step of some the most delicious recipes you've EVER had! I'm talking about recipes like...

  • Mary's Butternut Squash Pasta with Browned Ghee & Sage
  • George's Sweet Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan Macaroons
  • Bob and June's Offal Meatballs with Gnocchis and Marinara
  • Amy's Paleo/Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins
  • Chef Lance's Country Style Chicken Liver Pate
  • Camille's Sweet Potato & Bacon Latkes with Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Evelyne's Wild Salmon with Roasted Baby Carrots

And dozens more! This 48-page guide is filled with beautiful full-color pictures of every recipe, coupled with exact step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can use to prepare them. Even if you have little or no cooking experience.

It's easy... and best of all, it's FREE when you purchase "All Access" TODAY!

You Don't Need "Fake Foods"... Synthetic Nutrients...
and Certainly Not Drugs..

All you really need is real food -- JUST EAT REAL FOOD (JERF!) -- coupled with the right information about using real food to heal your body -- and you're good!

If you've read this far, you know how important what you eat is to your health... and what a difference the power of real food makes in your health, weight and ability to fend off disease.

This is your chance to be lean, healthy and disease-free... for life.

Use this timeless information everyday... as long as you want... without spending a fortune on processed foods, overpriced supplements or medical bills.

This is it. Everything you need to have health beyond your wildest dreams.

What's that worth to you?

  • • Could it help you shed those last 10-15lbs?
  • • Make you feel more energized and alive?
  • • Remove the fear of chronic illness or disease?
  • • Renew your love for guilt-free eating?
  • • Transform every area of your health?

Of course it would! And that's not even considering the incredible health transformation that will take place if you follow even a portion of the advice in this program.

Imagine eating rich savory foods you love -- foods "they" say you're not supposed to have...

While getting that lean, healthy, disease-free body that not one person in a million gets to experience!

Frankly, any "live event" with this lineup of best-selling authors, speakers, researchers and health gurus -- all in one place -- would cost at least $997.

And I've seen many online info programs without nearly as much raw insight and instruction as you're getting here—for $297 or more.

However, when you act today and CLICK HERE or one of the "add to cart" buttons on this page, you'll get LIFETIME access to the entire Real Food Con All Access Package...

For just $49. Heck, you can even make payments! That's the steal of the century... IF you care about loving what you eat, experiencing optimum health, and living the longest, fullest life possible.

Plus, You're Protected By My
No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

Order your copy of the Real Food Con All Access Package. Get instant access to all of the presentations. Use them. Put everything you learn to the test.

You must be blown away by the results you experience... from your health... how you feel... what you eat... your ability to cook amazing dishes... healing from whatever is plaguing you now... even how your brain works and performs...

Otherwise, YOU PAY NOTHING. Just say the word if you're not fully satisfied—for any reason—within the first 30 days, and I'll personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Fair enough?

Take Your Real Food Journey to the Next Level -- Starting NOW

The only thing left to do is secure your copy of the program by CLICKING HERE or hitting the button below so that you can access the full system—all 24 hours of presentations—immediately... and forever.

I look forward to you writing me about how much better your health has become.

The ability to eat amazing, yummy, satisfying foods -- get healthier -- now and forever...

Well, most people would KILL to have that -- especially after they've suffered through diets or painful health crises.

Yet this is your chance to unlock the keys to experiencing your very best health—indeed for your ENTIRE FAMILY--not only now, but in the years and decades to come.

Are you ready? I sure hope so!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Host, Real Food Con

P.S.—Nothing influences your health more than what you put into your body each day. Not knowing what to eat, WHY specific real foods are so powerful... or how to prepare them... well that's the surest way to failure.

I do NOT want that for you! Armed with this information, you'll have everything you need to use real food to transform your health from head to toe... and change your life.

Don't miss this opportunity... good health is the most priceless gift you can give yourself or a family member. You know it, I know it. So CLICK HERE to ensure you get lifetime access to the entire Real Food Con before this offer expires!


Q: Is the Upgrade Package hard copy or digital?

Each presentation comes in electronic format. Upon completion of purchase, you will receive an email with your username and password to your Real Food Con download portal.

Q: In exactly what format are the electronic files?

The summit audio files are in mp3 format and are playable on your computer, mp3 player (iPod, for example), and smart phone. Video files are in .mov format, the same format as YouTube videos. These files are playable on your computer, iTunes, and smart phone. Transcripts and bonus e-books are in PDF format.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your Real Food Con All-Access Package for ANY reason, please send us an email at [assistant @ undergroundwellness dot com]. We will immediately refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Q: How do I access the material on my iPad?

Download the files onto your computer, import them into iTunes, then export them onto your iPad as you would any other audio or video file. Unfortunately, the larger video files cannot be downloaded directly onto the iPad.

Q: I downloaded the files but my computer won't open them.

Make sure you have enough available disk space on your computer. If you are running low on space, try deleting any partially downloaded or unused files on your computer then empty your trash.