How to Stop Inflammation Once and for All

Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D.

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Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D.

In this presentation preview you will learn…
– The dangerous relationship between excess acid (triggered by many foods and environmental factors) and inflammation; why this plays a huge role in your ultimate health
– The #1 cause of excess acid in your body now
– PLUS, 7 proven ways to treat, reduce and even completely reverse your “acid burden” – and transform nearly every part of your health in the process

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  1. I’m loving learning new things from these videos!

  2. Grace Ross says:

    Super helpful. Definitely needed to watch this one.

  3. Leeza Walkes says:

    This is so informative. Right from the beginning, knowing the time when the body is repairing physically and mentally is so important! I think I will start intentionally paying attention to the time that I sleep. 10pm to 6am, I think it’s doable. Many thanks to Dr. Maxim.

  4. Varun Mehta says:

    That’s pretty interesting. I never thought about body pH and the effects it could have before. I wonder how this jibes with workout specifically designed to increase lactic acid production…

  5. Thanks, I need this one!

  6. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much. This has made things much clearer for me in my jouney to heal my body.

  7. Sharon says:

    THANK YOU ! GREAT INFO. I just want more.

  8. Kristie says:

    Thank you so very much for all the wonderful information that has been given this past week! It has been so helpful as I and my family start this journey to getting healthy… truly healthy!

  9. Chantel says:

    Absolutely wonderful information!!!

  10. Dee says:

    So good, thank you for this awesome info!

  11. Hana K says:

    Inflammation is something I’ve been dealing with for the past few months. Excited for this information!

  12. Jessi says:

    Thank you for these informative presentations!!

  13. mamanina says:

    excellent presentation, thank you

  14. Appreciated the information on detox and then introducing mono meals. Look forward to getting started.

  15. Matt says:

    Looking forward to this one.

  16. Thank you so much for this info!

  17. As an athlete, I have always fought with inflammation. The information I gleaned here will help me to reach my highest performing self! Thank you for putting together such an informative and easy presentation! JERF rocks!

  18. This lecture and the entire RFC is inflamed… in a good way!

  19. I’m interested to know the exact process that causes
    acid to increase inflammation at a cellular level inside the body.

  20. Teresa says:

    This gives me hope that I will see better days as I understand the nature of healing my gut! Thanks so much!

  21. Thank you for all the great presentations! So much helpful information to live healthy lives!

  22. Gina J says:

    This was the presentation I was personally most excited for! I learned so much from the presentation and can’t wait to work my way to a healthier life! Thank you for your time and for what you do!

  23. Cynthia says:

    Very interesting topic and presentation.

  24. Thank you! Priceless info! Everyone needs to hear this! I will be telling my whole family!

  25. Susan N says:

    Great video. Dr, Maxim made this subject easy to understand.

  26. Sarah says:

    Really great information! THANKS for having these real food conferences!

  27. Rachel says:

    Right on! I lowered my inflammation by eating tons of greens but Im still chronically inflamed . I can’t wait to take it to the next level!!

  28. janice says:

    How exciting to get deeper into this issue of inflammation. This will be a big help to me personally, thanks so much

  29. Lisa says:

    I would like to try the detox diet and monomials!

  30. Julia says:

    Great information, thank you!

  31. Laura says:

    I’ve been a real-foodie for several years, and as familiar as I am with fermenting and cooking, there is always something new to learn! I’ve picked up alot of new information at this conference. Thank you!

  32. Leslie B. says:

    Wow this has been great info. I fit this scenario and I need to get the acid and inflammation down. Thanks for the road map.

  33. Lauri P. says:

    Great information. Can’t wait to check my PH/A cid lrvels.

  34. Leah says:

    I am so grateful for such a tremendous amount of useful information! I am in disbelief that none of my doctors have given me any of this information. I have been in such pain and dealing with chronic pain/inflammation for about five years now. Thank you and all of the other wonderful presenters! I plan on sarting on a new path to better health and I WILL get better quality of life! Thanks again!

  35. Mike says:

    Good information.

  36. This was a well explained approach to many systemic complaints I hear from my clients, friends, and family. It helps to put everything into perspective and I like the simpllicity of this solution.

  37. Jill says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for putting on such an informative and professionally executed webinar series. It has been great! So much so, I bought the package.

    Thanks again,

  38. Becky says:

    Wonderful presentation. Love the info on osteoporosis!!!

  39. Some really great food for thought! Interesting link between acid and inflammation. I love the stress to get to the root of the problem rather than just putting a bandaid on with NSAIDs! Thank you!

  40. Joyce says:

    Great presentation, Dr. Maxim… I suspect I need to do some work in the acid/alkaline department. Thanks for the direction on the steps to take. Thanks to Sean, too, for hosting the presentation.

  41. Faith says:

    So much great information. I had not heard of bicarbonate tablets. Thank you!

  42. Annie Mowrer says:

    This was an excellent presentation…I got so much out of it!!!! Thank you thank you

  43. Alma says:

    I can’t go into the website of Dr. Andrea Maxim. I’m eager to know more about her program. I’ve been suffering for chronic inflammation for years.

  44. Janine Keyes says:

    Very informative. Got some great info to implement.

  45. Kim says:

    Gotta get my green supplement back in…..

  46. renee says:

    loved DR Maxim cannot get on any of her sites…

  47. Natalie says:

    Wow! Dr. Maxim is a powerhouse of information! She really inspired me!!!

  48. Katie Church says:

    Thank you for posting these!! Everyone needs to be aware of the causes of inflammation, huge deal and can save lives, so thank you!!!

  49. Anita says:

    Interesting, but not what I want/need to focus on right now.

  50. Trezlen says:

    Dr. Maxim, Thanks for the information on how to detox and reduce acidity in the body. I’m excited to try the 7 day detox and get started.

  51. Susan says:

    This is wonderful and very, very helpful information. THANK YOU!!

  52. janet says:

    Was trying to go on her website but was unable. Anyone else having problems?

  53. Lauri Sobol says:

    thank you for the valuable information regarding the acid/alkaline connection and how important it is to maintain those levels to reduce inflammation in the body and how that effects everything!

  54. Terri says:

    Very Informative!
    Thank you for the info!

  55. Appreciate all the practical info!

  56. Loved everything she had to say. My chiropractor recommends all those things as well. Greens are your best foods ever and doing the 7 day detox program to figure out your sensitivities is huge. Can’t wait to read her new book when it comes out in January. Was not able to access her website.

  57. Thank you for more insight in dealing with inflammation. As I continue my journey, after being diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, I can now monitor my acid/base balance to see where I am at and how to move forward. I liked how you talked about the biochem behind how our bodies deal with acid/base balance. I want to fuel my body as best as I can to support it while my body heals itself. Thank you again!

  58. Cherisse says:

    Wow! That was very informative. Thank you!

  59. Kirsten says:

    Thank you. Dealing with lyme and a mold biotoxin allergy despite decades of real foods eating. Wish I could visit your office!

  60. Retta says:

    Great information….some really make you think!

  61. April Alphin says:

    This was a great presentation, nice way to round out the Real Food Con. This week has been amazing, thanks to Sean and all who helped!

  62. Natalya says:

    Makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

  63. Amber says:

    Thank you so much for all these sessions! I’ve enjoyed listening and learning from them.

  64. Josephine says:

    Thanks you so much for all this information. Makes so much sense.

  65. Rossmore says:

    This is a great subject to talk about and needs to be brought up more. I’m in minute 11 and she has not mentioned that acidity is caused by eating ACIDIC foods, which are grains, meats, and dairy. Raw Fruits and Vegetables are what will get your body unclogged and alkaline. Grains, meats, and dairy cause production of mucous, which in turn causes inflammation. Still have not heard that cooked foods, grain, meat, and dairy, causes acidity at minute 15. Aspirin is more man made chemicals which also causes acidity in the human body. At minute 20 she finally mentions DARK LEAFY GREEN vegetables. There is only two ways to to alkalize and thats by eating fruits and vegetables. Most people like 80% of human needs to seriously detox their bodies, due to all the acidic based eating system here in the USA. Processed foods and Cosmetic chemicals that people put on their bodies cause the body to be acidic. Just look around people are swollen looking.

  66. Rosanne says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a clear, easy to understand manner. I had heard about the importance of balanced pH in the body, but didn’t know much more about it. Your presentation helped clarify this subject – thanks!

  67. Colleen says:

    Awesome info, doc! Anything we can do to decrease excessive inflammation is a VERY good thing, indeed!

  68. Jill says:

    I learned so many new things from Dr. Maxim. I loved the information in this presentation…PH infomation, inflammation looked at through a doctors perspective. Thank you so much for the detailed science and nurition approach! I will definitely look at her website.

  69. Ken says:

    Can’t wait to use these tips in my life. Thanks Doc

  70. My sore knees thank you for this info!

  71. Ruth says:

    I really appreciated the information you shared. I’d like to do your 7 day Detox program, but the last detox program I did gave me real problems. I worry about having enough protein on the detox and if there are any problems with people having hypothyroid doing it. I don’t have good doctor support and would be on my own.

  72. I am really excited to watch this one and get more info on healing my gut. This is a subject I haven’t done much research on.

  73. Nique Henke says:

    Always so helpful to learn new information! Thank you!!

  74. Doina says:

    I would love to win the grass-fed gift certificates. 🙂

  75. Emily says:

    Great presentation. I have been putting off trying a strict elimination diet. I have the same mucous/congestion issues that Sean did so I’m scared that I will find I also have an issue with eggs, which I love!

  76. Janna H. says:

    Great information!

  77. Selina says:

    Thanks so much! Now i know what I need to work on.

  78. Kristi Kern says:

    Great presentation, I definitely don’t get enough leafy greens and will make a better effort to do so!

  79. I have already signed up for her free emails. She was one of the best yet. Thanks!

  80. Marcie says:

    Great presentation! I knew inflammation was one of my issues. Now I know what to do.

  81. Jen M says:

    Really valuable information. Thank you for the great presentation.

  82. Kim says:

    Great information!

  83. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I’ll try to incorporate these ideas into my diet.

  84. Connie T says:

    More interesting information to ponder.

  85. fw says:

    Great talk! Very informative.
    I am left with a question. You said RO water takes out ‘too much’ and recommend distilled. I’ve always heard that distilled takes out everything (esp. minerals) and that it would leach minerals from the body…

  86. Barbara says:

    Great info. Thanks!

  87. Debbie says:

    The pH information and importance was great. We have those strips but now I know what to look for when testing. Like the detox idea. I’m going to do that before starting SCD.

    On another note: I went to her website to sign up but there were no pop-up windows or any information about how to sign up for the “free” book. I would like to do this. Please let us know how to do so or provide a link. Thank you.

  88. sandy says:

    wonderful info thanks 🙂

  89. Mary Schmidt says:

    Great information! As someone with chronic inflammation I want to learn much more. Thanks!

  90. Dara says:

    This presentation is exactly what I need. Thank you for all these wonderful presentations.

  91. Marlana S. says:

    Excellent presentation! I had been testing my urine pH but not the way I should have. She presented a lot of useful information

  92. AWESOME information. As a novice biohacker recently recovering from severe muscular and joint pain, I love the suggestions, and the detox program was just what I was looking for! I’ll use my FREE Food Sense app from Dave Asprey, the bullitproof executive to detect my food sensitivities when I am detoxed!

    I’ll pick up some pH strips tomorrow!

  93. Judy says:

    So much to process……..than k you for taking the time to talk with us.

  94. Thank you Dr. Maxim, I really enjoyed learning more about how our bodies are acidic. I have heard a little bit about this before but didn’t 100% understand it. You were very good in explaining this and it gives me hope and motivation to check this out further. I’m excited to check out your website and get your newsletter and learn more.

  95. marcia says:

    Awesome – broken down into very understandable pieces. She clearly said to take the bicarb IF you are acid.

  96. Vickie says:

    That was great! Thank you so much!

  97. I enjoyed this very much. It’s not often that I hear something completely new to me on these kinds of things. But this was totally new to me. I look forward to testing myself to see where I fall. As hard as I work at it, I still struggle with inflammation, so I’m excited to see if this might help. Thank you!

  98. Mallory says:

    Great info! This was a new take on inflammation from what I’ve heard before. Very informative.

  99. Jennifer says:

    This is great information and gives me something to start working on right now. Thank you.

  100. Denise says:


  101. Thanks! You brought some fresh ideas to a topic with a lot of misinformation.

  102. Beverly says:

    Great presentation. It gives me a lot to think about and apply to help get rid of my chronic pain and inflammation.

  103. Karen says:

    This is so helpful as I believe inflammation is one of my worst issues.

    I followed her link as she suggested in the podcast but I did not get a pop-up to join her newsletter (found a link at the bottom of the page) and thus did not see how one could get her book free, as she suggested at the end of her presentation.

    I am very interested.

  104. Linda says:

    Thanks for the great presentation. Working on inflammation for hubby and myself.

  105. Thanks! This was really helpful. I learn so much from each of these presentations.

  106. Shaunna says:

    Interesting information. I’ll be checking out her website.

  107. Mary says:

    Great information! I’ve learned so much!

  108. Christine says:

    This was so informative, that I am going to listen again. There is so much information I just want to take all of it in. I will have to start making more changes today. Keep up the. Great work!

  109. Heather says:

    Wow! What a week! I’ve learned so much. My hubby is joining the JERF movement due to all the info he “overheard” this week! Thanks Sean for all you do!

  110. R Johnson says:

    Thanks for the step by step information on how to deal with inflammation.

  111. Cecelia Otto says:

    Fantastic presentation! This may be the missing piece in regards to me achieving my best health.

  112. Janine says:

    Interesting lecture. Some things I’ve never thought about. Thanks for the great info!

  113. Deanna says:

    Great Information!

  114. Melanie says:

    Ready for my pH test!

  115. Meredith says:

    Great information about our acidity and the 7 day detox. I will be watching myself, monitoring my acidity with those pH sticks. thanks!

  116. lyn says:

    Enjoyed this presenetation today, thanks for reminder on the PH strips…. I bought some on Amazon a few weeks ago and have not used them yet! I am sending positive energy to you Sean for putting on such a good summit this year!

  117. Sarah says:

    Yes! Bring on the pH test!

  118. Jay says:

    Can’t wait to detox!! Need to check out my pH levels!

  119. Judy says:

    I like how all these presenters are so upbeat and positive, focused on health and healing instead of sickness and disease. This provides people with so much hope, which is a key aspect to healing. Dr. Andrea reminded me that I need to do better at reducing/managing stress and getting more/better sleep. I wonder what stress reduction tips she has. Real Food Con has been reminding me that there’s always SO much more to learn and apply when it comes to health, even if you’ve been studying food, nutrition, and health for a long time! Thank you for the wealth of wisdom here at RFC!

  120. Alissa S says:

    Thanks for your presentation. Using the pH strips to find the acidity of your urine seems like such an easy way to get some very important information. Thanks for your ideas!

  121. Marni Smith says:

    These presentations have really given me the info/facts I’ve needed to eliminate processed foods from our family’s diet and JERF! Thanks!

  122. Tarah Hercus says:

    Finally someone is addressing acid vs alkaline! Its the foundation of good health. Althouh I am surprised she didnt talk more about which foods are acid and which are alkaline. Its more about the food than the intangible things like stress, thats my opinion.

  123. Leslie says:

    I can’t wait to get the whole set of presentations! I started in the middle. All of the ones that I have seen have been great, and I’ve learned so much! Thank you!

  124. Lori Lynn says:

    Loved this one… thank you!!

  125. Kim Owens says:

    I have personally been dealing with pH imbalance since June 2013. I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Maxim’s presentation. It has helped me to understand pH. My medical doctor hasn’t been able to help me figure this out. After 3 months of urine tests, infections, multiple antibiotics, creams, etc. I started researching and discovered that I was probably dealing with a pH issue. Now, after this presentation I know what steps to take to bring healing. I shared this with my Chiropractor, but he didn’t offer much information. So, I still need to research the correct foods to help my body get back in balance. Thank you for ALL the contributors of the Real Food Con! I have watched almost every video (sometimes I have just run out of time in that 24 hr period). I have taken over 50 pages of notes and am so excited to implement and share the vast array of knowledge I have gained! Thanks again for making this all available to me!! I will forever be grateful!

  126. Kristen McC says:

    Thank you for this great information!!!

  127. Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D., I felt was the best speaker of the whole Real Food Con. More info and rational for the info than the others. That being said, they all did a great job.

  128. judy says:

    Awesome presentation ! Andrea really gave some very helpful info ! I’ve had a bunch of tests done and been bounce around from doctor to doctor. Andrea gave some great advice and some insight as to what might be going on. Thank you

  129. Rachel Hipp says:

    Thank you so much for this important information, Dr. Maxim! I will be sure to share what I’ve learned with my parents, both of whom struggle with inflammation.

  130. Juliette says:

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH DR MAXIUM….this was one of my favorites, and could possibly have saved my life as I donated a kidney 13 years ago and suffer from severe nerve damage..all the more to watch my PH levels etc. Still digesting these nuggets!!!!

  131. Soccy says:

    Super helpful presentation. Thanks! And thanks for the giveaway.

  132. So much good information here… Will be interesting to do the elimination diet to find out what may be triggering inflammation in me… Just have to wait till I’m done breastfeeding to try it!

  133. Samantha says:

    Wow! Great information. I will certainly be trying out Dr. Maxim’s suggestions for reducing inflammation 🙂

  134. Sonya says:

    I keep hearing about acidity in the body, now I know what people are talking about! Thanks for a great presentation!

  135. steve says:

    Unfortunately flooding the body with deep green veg. is overly simplistic and can be problematic. These foods contain high levels of Salicylates and Oxalates which can be difficult for many, many people…..there is no one size fits all solution.

  136. Marcy says:

    Great presentation!

  137. Jaclyn says:

    Very interesting and helpful information – thanks!

  138. del says:

    Great presentation! I’m thrilled to take the PH urine test and start the detox program! Thanks for all of the useful information! Cheers

  139. Hi Dr. Maxim,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how you feel about using alkaline water sources for helping with the acidity.
    My father has been using drops and then purchased a machine that takes the acid out of the water making it more alkaline.
    He has been using it for a couple of years now and feels that this has benefited him greatly.


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Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D. Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D. Dr. Andrea Maxim, N.D.